Mozilla is localized in Luganda language


On the 7th and 8th of August a group of  300 makerere students in collaboration with Rhodes University in South Africa  and  a company called  were involved in a successful translation of the Mozilla User interface (wordings)  into Luganda. Throughout the exercise, we were able to translate 8000 words used on the interface into Luganda.

The team comprised of 100 student volunteers with a computing background
from the Faculty of Computing and IT, MUK, and more than 100 Luganda
knowledgeable students  from the Institute of Languages.The product was
amazing. We were told the CDs having the translated application would be made available at the Faculty of Computing and IT .

The challenge left is translating,the techinical terminologies of firefox
into luganda.To have this work continuing,a team of  4 students from the
Software Incubation Center at CIT have taken up this task as a six months
project and would be willing to accept any help rendered.



Nabende Joseph, National Software
Incubation Center, Faculty of Computing and IT, Makerere University, University